First kiss? Guys preferably.... but girls can answer too!

We've been dating for about 2 weeks, and I've seen him 4 times thus far. Now we're getting to see each other practically every other day. I've only hugged him about 2 times on my own, and he hugged me once thus far. That once was when he was saying good night, and bye to me... after the 3 hours we hung out.

As soon as I hugged him on my own he hugged me back and kissed me on my cheek... that's a first thus far... how come he won't come in for a "first kiss" quite yet? Or on his own? He knows he's my first boyfriend I've ever had.


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  • He is obviously very nervous as well maybe he doesn't want to disappoint you if he can't kiss because he is very new to it as well. Why don't you just give him a peck on the lips. A sure fire way to get into a french kiss would be for you to peck smile at him peck again peck again. If he doesn't get the hint by then I am lost. He is just shy about the kiss and wants it to be at a good time. Lay in his arms stare in to his eyes and look at his lips every once in a while.

    • Ha ha.... he doesn't SEEM shy at all.... he's very open, and he's had gf's before...

      I'm literally waiting for him.... he and I were friends for 8 months before we became boyfriend and gf.

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    • I kissed him on the cheek the other day, and he said... "Aww sweet, I was waiting for that."

      He still didn't kiss me... I'm wondering if he's just looking for a nice place to do that for the first time. ^____^

    • He might be waiting for a good place to do it for your first time. Does he know its your first time? Anyhow do the stare in the eyes and glance at his lips its the best I can do to get him to know what you want.

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