First date after getting broken up with almost a month ago?

This guy that I thought I was going to have a long term relationship with and whom I thought was the first person I loved/was in love with broke up with me nearly a month ago on Christmas Eve. The break up did cause some emotional damage because through out our relationship many people said he was emotionally abusing me since he would call me names, tear down my self esteem by calling me as if I were a dog and he never trusted me when I never gave him a reason not to. One of my friends who I haven't met but we have talked for over a year wants to take me out on a date. I don't know if I like this guy or not since we haven't ever met or anything, but I feel kind of weird knowing this is my first date since the break up. What should I do to calm my nerves so to speak? Should I let this guy know what's going through my head?


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  • I think it is best to keep quiet about it to this guy you are going to potentially go on a date with. If you want to get your feelings out, vent to one of your close girl friends. I know it iis weird out first, trust me, I have gone through the same thing. Your break up is still ripe so if you still have feelings with your ex, I don't blame you.. it is normal. I think you should definitely go on a date with this guy, I bet he will treat you nicer than your ex boyfriend. The best way to calm your nerves is to go on a nice walk or have a cup of tea. Don't stay jumbled up in your house, it just makes things worse.

    • Totally agree! I think it's worth adding, if your are going on a first date with this guy he doesn't need to know all the details of your past. Dating should be a fun way to get to know eachother better and see if there is feelings and chemistry.

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  • Well for one, first mistake was to assume the relationship was going to be a long one, "nothing last forever" I mentally prepare my self for a break up if in in a relationship, that way when we do break up. I'm not that depressed and I can move onto the next
    Don't tell ur new date yet, wait till the end of ur 2nd date or 3rd date. Just try to enjoy ur first date

    • It was not to have that idea in my head when my ex was the one who kept saying he thinks this could be long long term, last forever, and how this earth is only temporary but he wanted to last an eternity.

    • Them little sweet talkers lol
      Well sorry u went through that.

  • well you can always meet as just friends and hangout.

  • Be relaxed
    Don't think about him..
    Be yourself...
    Go to public place
    it would be ok


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