Why does he want me to go to the gym with him?

I went on a first date with this guy whom a mutual friend introduced us not too long ago, and now he wants me to go to the gym with him. Afterwards, he asked if I was ok with him asking, which I said yes to. What does this mean? Why does he want me to go to the gym with him? I barely know him and I don't really know if he likes me that much. He then asked if I wanted to go back to his place to take a shower so we could hang out. I'm pretty certain this is his way of saying he wants to get in bed with me, but, seriously, why the gym? Out of all the places we could go, why the gym? What is the meaning of this?

Yes, I know I ask a lot of questions, but I really want to know what he's trying to get across. I just met the guy and I don't want to scare him away with all these questions. Plus, he's a sweet guy and I do kind of like him.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • Does he weight lift? I lift and I personally don't view the gym as a place to socialize, but a lot of people do.

    • For his job, he has to move and lift furniture around, so kind of? He as more muscle than his brothers so I think he does in his spare time.

    • Well instead of asking us just him. Just ask, "I'm curious as to why you would like to take me to the gym?" And see what he says. Don't get me wrong I love going to the gym, but I'd never take a girl there after the first date. Just me personally.

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