Letting a relationship unfold?

How can I stop being anxious about my relationship, I love her she's amazing were different but on a good way, downside is that when we have a argument I feel different, I feel as if the relationship is heading south even if it's not, I'm not afraid of being alone, I just always get anxious, I feel like I put a lot more effort than her, like I keep this relationship going, and I get anxious! What should I do?


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  • It kind of sounds like you don't trust her. As in, you don't trust that she wants to be with you. Do you not think that you're not worthy of her or something?

    Have you ever told her that you're very anxious in regards to your relationship? Might help.

    • I have told her, she feels like I'm blaming her. Thing is that I feel like I'm the only one putting all effort in this relationship, if we get an argument if I don't try to communicate she won't do anything, she shuts down. For example we had an argument 2 days ago I felt disrespect and we got upset, she shut down didn't talk for a day, I kept trying to make contact to talk about it, she was closed, I finally managed to fix it, but see I fixed it, and now I feel sad I feel really sad but I pretend I'm happy.

    • Doesn't really sound like a healthy relationship on either of your behalf.

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