Am I wasting my time with this guy to become my bf?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month now. He seems to be still interested as he continues to initiate phone calls and dates but he does work 4 jobs so a lot of time his plans are made the day of and it seems lately we haven't done anything new and exciting. We've mostly just hung out and gone out for drinks. He did make the effort to also call me once in a while and not just text as I told him I prefer phone conversations. It just seems that in the past two weeks I've initated texts a lot but he's always the one to suggest hanging out. I'm just worried that his lack of planning new exciting dates and his last minuteness show a lack of real interest for a potential relationship. Need opinions please.


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  • but he's making effort to spend time with you and it shows right?

    • Yeah it just always seems last minute and mostly let's hang out and go for drinks. I wish he would make actual plans once in a while like let's go to a concert next sat or a game. Is it too early to expect so much? Should I give it more time.

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    • I told him I left me feeling uneasy and he did it a second time after that when I had to work again. He asked me if it would bother me if he did it. He explained he didint want to be woken up when he did not have to work early in the am.

    • at least he gave you somewhat a legit reason. lol. ehh okay I would give him like maybe 2 weeks 1 month tops and then call it from there.

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  • I'm confused a bit... are YOU interested in him? I mean, you haven't initiated any dates, so I'm wondering...

    • I initiated one date. I text him once in a while too when he doesn't. I think that shows my interest.

    • Nothing says you can't initiate an equal number of dates :) Especially if you're looking for something different from just hanging out. He may not have the mental resources left for elaborate planning what with managing 4 jobs :p and if you do, you can still get those fun dates.

      While it might be fun to sit back and be the goddess that men drool over and rush to fall at the feet of, you'll get more dates if you push the relationship forward :)

  • what are you talking about?


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