Writing a fairytale story for boyfriend?

Ok so Valentine's is coming up and I've decided since he's romantic, I'd write him a fairytale story-starring US!

Is that silly, or a great idea?
I jotted down what i thought would be a few lines ended up being the whole story!:-)

Please tell me this isn't silly!



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  • If your Soul mate is as Great as you are in Romance, then there is a huge Chance he will Not think this 'Silly' But Touching and Terribly Tuned in to your 'Fairytale story-starring US...
    With all the concerted effort and painstaking work you put Into your Valentine here, dear, you must know your Prince Charming pretty well to Know he will be like this shining knight who is also this keeper and a weeper who will someday whisk you off into the sunset, where you both could perhaps live happily ever after...
    Not 'Silly' at all... Music to my ears.
    Good luck and much blessings for 20115. xx

    • ...2015, tha tis. lol... Thank you, sweet girl, your heart is in the right place.:)) xxoo

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  • That's not my cup of tea...

  • That's pretty creative. Great idea if you know the person can appreciate something like that

    • Yeah... like i said, he's romantic.

    • He'll have no problem appreciating it

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