These can't be true can it?

I asked a question saying why do people care so much about dating and someone responded by saying we are wired that way but I don't believe that a long term successful career can be more rewarding then a relationship. Because a relationship can't pay the bills that career can


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  • LMAO DRAKE #MOMENT because all of that money can't buy time, right?

    "The girl or the world, you see someone gotta lose
    I thought I could have it all, do I really gotta choose
    What good is all the cash if it doesn't buy time
    And what good is bein' famous if I'm never on your mind "

    A relationship with 2 people working can/will pay the bills quite easily I'm sure. But when you're 45 and alone, with a little bit of cash in your pockets then what? I mean the fun years of your life would have been way past gone LOL. So " so pick ya poison. " ^^


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  • I don't know. Personally I don't think humans were made for monogamy or at the very least long term relationships so yeah. But it all depends on a person's personal values and dreams. To me, a super successful dream job would be way not fulfilling for myself.

    • See the way I see it is yeah a relationship is OK but is it gonna keep a roof over your head

    • Oops I meant a super successful dream job would be way **more fulfilling for myself.

      I see where you're coming from. I think it's all about what makes you happy. And I crave success, which i can't get in some relationship.

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  • well depends on what stage in the persons life they are in

  • Depends what kind of person you are. If you needed someone else in your life for it to be fulfilling then you'd probably place more importance on a relationship. If you didn't, you'd focus your energy on a career and find fulfillment in financial success/job satisfaction.

    • Besides most women are just after money

    • Urquhart's motto - "You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment".

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