How do I help my boyfriend realize that our newly LDR isn't the same as it used to be whe we lived closer?

My boyfriend of about 1 year is having a hard time adjusting to a LDR since ove moved 7 hours away for school. He feels like i dont take enough time out of my day for him and that I am going to forget about him. Wha caan i do to show him not to worry?


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  • lol at LDR sounds like a TV

  • Becasue typically, LDR's don't work. You're always trying to find time to be online, or on the phone, when you know you have a life to attend to. It's better to just have a relationship close distance

    • They do work I was in one

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    • If it was true love, it would have lasted

    • You have no clue about if it was true love or no, t and about lasting things happen there is no guarantee on love on true love pal

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