Should I ask this girl to dinner we talk every once in a while she seemed to think I was cool when we met but I have never asked girl out before?

She texted saying like why do always stay to yourself we can be friends I don't mean to be cold to people but I'm kind of shy and introverted I've known her too long without doing anything with the relationship but I don't think all is lost I just don't know what to do I don't get girls I think I if I make a move it will all get messed up I was going to just ask if we can meet for dinner at student union will she think in cheap if I do I'm confident but I don't get dating but I think she's really cool what should I do

Sorry I forgot about punctuation. Yeah I'm to inexperience with girls. I just want to be genuine that's all I know. Will she think it's weird if I just ask her if we can hangout for dinner i feel bad for bitching out but the last girl I was cool with it ended really bad


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  • Tell her your last sentence you posted.. "I don't get dating but I think you're really cool.." Hopefully she takes it from there.. She already reached out toward you by texting so just go for it!!!

  • Yes take her out for Valentine's day


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