Does it make him a player if he calls me babe when we r not dating?

I know this guy through online app for 3 months. We only ever met once as he was very busy. The first week before we met, we texted almost everyday, and not so often after meeting him. He ever disappeared for 2 weeks. Sometimes i initiate the conversation and he always replied me quick.

But I got tired of waiting him to ask me out, i deleted his phone number and decided to move on for a few times.
But he always ended up finding me again and few days ago he was worried i didn't want to talk to him anymore and started calling me babe since last week.

What do i do now? Should i just move on?


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  • Just because he called you babe? Perhaps he just feels comfortable with you. And maybe he didn't talked to you because he was really busy. But the goes and forths are not a really good sign. Why don't you ask him out?