What to gift on our first Valentines day?

i'm with this guy for about a month, and as you can notice, it's not that i know him so well, nor shared with him many experiences. But, i can say that things are going good. and i've been thinking about Valentine's day. I don't know what gift should i make, since i don't know him for so long. I need your help guys.

p. s i'm 23


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  • You can't go wrong to get him food. Like really though, all guys love good and it means a lot to get food from your girl friend. That would be simple and go pretty far. And I've got some more complicated ideas if you are interested

    • yes sure, go ahead..

    • My gf blindfolded me and brought me into a private room where she had prepared a romantic dinner with music and candles and everything. Then when she told me to take off the blindfold, she was wearing the cutest little dress. It was breathtaking. This all really meant a lot to me and I will always remember it. (Partially because it involved food). If you did something along these lines, he won't soon forget it

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