Do you consider a girl trashy if she?

If she has over 1,000 followers on social media, has tons of boys favoritng her tweets, wears shirts that show her belly button and belly button ring?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • over 1000? I had over 7000 friends on Facebook, two accounts because of the friend limit. And I had a boyfriend and was in a committed relationship.

    that time It was because I was in a community somewhere that Metal music is forbidden and the fans add each other on Facebook and other social media to be close and make a community. And as we had a band ourselves we pretty much had at least half of them who had Facebook in our friend list. I was popular between them I was maybe the only female keyboardist in that community and they just liked me and my style. I used Imesh too and had quite some friends on there too. every statue me or my boyfriend made would be a discussion because of the numbers.

    And was I trashy? no. I was a girl in a committed relationship. I did wear all leather clothes and had some styles piercings that some people may not like but I was never trashy because of my friends on social media.

    I would consider someone who takes partly naked and provocative photos of herself to attract attention and followers trashy. But not someone who has followers because of a talent she has or a special place she has.


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  • They call that a friend whore


What Girls Said 2

  • No she's just a girl whose probs pretty and popular that does not make her trashy

  • You can't judge people by that description,

    • does she appear trashy? like i understand if you get to know her she may not be but with that description do you think it's trashy?

    • Not at all, Its the fashion today and I guess she's popular