Would a popular guy get judged for dating or at least telling the girl he likes her?

I like this popular guy but this is because I saw him looking at me a couple of months ago for the first time. Every day he looks at me whenever we pass eachother in the hallway and he looks at me- he looks interested, doesn't smile. I don't know for sure whether he likes me because of course I have never talked to him u-u.. I just see him look at me and I start to get the feeling he at least thinks I am pretty- I am not popular I would say I am pretty/cute I am 5 feet 5 in. about tall and a little larger then avg and in the midst of becoming curvy. Can anyone please give some input- I am really wondering ^O^ if you need details, ask me. And also would he tell his friends that he likes an unpopular girl?


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  • First of all popularity doesn't matter , second of all u shouldn't think that just cuz he saw u and sees u everytime u pass each other in the halls, that doesn't mean he likes u or thinks your pretty, I can tell you like him. just say hi , like I said popularity doesn't matter , I would say im pretty popular, and I'm an athlete , I play football @ my school , and people come up to me all the time saying hi or whats up and I have no idea who they are , its sorta a perk bc girls walk up to me , so yea just say hi if your interested

    • Yes I do like him... But I am way to shy to say hi I just see his friends sometimes look at me and I don't know if he would share that he likes me- but as you said he may not... there really is no point in me asking but I just wanna know if there's a chance he likes me... :D

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    • Well then just start of by saying hi , purposely pass him in the hall and say hi , he will say hi back and eventually become friends, after that make sure u get him , be there for him and talk to him a lot @OuOJulietOuO

    • Thanks so much, you have been very helpful ^u^ I will try to do that if my courage allows for it :)

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  • I don't think he'd be judged. His friends might not understand but who cares what they think. You don't have to be popular for a guy to like you

  • Well maybe you think your not popular when you really are in other people's eyes but it shouldn't matter. I don't think he would. Just talk to him and flirt. Maybe he is nervous that he will be rejected. I would be certainly.


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  • I think you should say hi or talk to him and you'll have a more straight idea.

    • This is the issue though I have never spoken to him in my life and I see him a lot but only for like two minutes between classes- my health class is starting soon and maybe he is in it so i can talk to him for the first time but I don't know a good way to start a conversation with him... I always get so nervous around the guy I like and then I act like a moron when he talks to me- this is the guy the I like now but the one I liked a while ago I had so much trouble speaking to

    • say hi how r u. ask him about his classes his teachers if you are nervous to start a conversation now just smile and maybe say hi.

    • ok thanks <3 hopefully he is not an ass xD