Would you date someone that doesn't live close to you, as in long distance relationships. Do they actually work?

So I wanna know would you date someone that lives a good amount of distance away? What hurdles would you have to face doing this? How does it work when u want to cuddle with the person your dating? What are some possible solutions to this problem? What about Skype, texting, phone? Are these enough?

Just some curious questions for inquiring minds? lol

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Why does the poll reaults show that girls dont think long distance relationships will work and m3n do, at least that what the poll results show


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  • I'm in one right now. It's very hard. Timing, communication, trust, honesty... all things that are challenges that have to be dealt with. We weren't long distance for the first year but the rest of them... yeah. When you want to cuddle... then you... grab a pillow and hug it and pretend it's them.


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  • I never thought I would be in one but I am right now. It's definitely hard but makes you really really appreciate the time you do get to spend together. And eventually that gap gets closed so being long distance is really just temporary.

    • Agreed, but I think its worth it, if its someone that you can't see yourself without. Plus if the two of you get along really well then I don't see a problem with it at all.

    • definitely (:

  • I'll be facing this in 7 months when my boyfriend gets relocated. he's in the army. I'm scared of what's going to happen. They get a set number of days a year they can take leave and it's not always approved. And why would he take it to see me and not his family home in another state? I am honestly scared because we both want to marry each other. But we say we have to get through that first. I have to finish my college education. I'm going for a masters. Which is another 4-6 years depending on the program I take. I'm hoping calls, Skype, and text will be enough. But I really don't know sadly

  • I wouldn't. At some point, someone's going to have to relocate. If that isn't the plan from the beginning... why waste anyone's time?

  • Long distance relationships are very hard 😔


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  • Long distance relationships can work, but you have to be more open with each other and try to communicate a bit more often (by text, phone calls, Skype/Oovoo, etc.). You can't be vague, you have to be straight up with them about anything. Also, at least one of you will have to be willing to relocate, because a long distance relationship that stays as such will not last long. You HAVE to be able to see an end to the distance.

    I've been in one before and we only lasted for about 5 months. But the reason we broke up wasn't because of the distance (I live in Orlando, FL and she lives in Mill Valley, CA) but because she was emotionally abusive towards me.

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