Guys/Gals, what do you think of taking selfies on the first date?

I met a guy online 7 months ago and we finally met in California for our first date. We had brunch, spent the day at a theme park, then went to dinner and a movie. On the date he hugged me, held my hand, kissed me several times, touched my thigh when sitting, and would touch my face. He also took selfies of us together.

What would you think after this kind of date? Especially the selfie picture part?


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  • i think it's sweet! and selfies are fun! as long as they aren't being posted anywhere that's fine. i think it's soon for like a couples selfie on instagram haha but i think just taking selfies is fine. besides, you've been talking a while so it's not like totally out of the blue. it sounds like a great date. as long as you enjoyed it, i wouldn't overthink the selfie thing haha :)