Am I crazy to think that he's the one even though he is still a stranger? I have never felt like this before?

I don't understand what happened but I would pursue him. However, I know that would make me look desperate but it's not that at all, I really like this guy. I have dated but I have never felt like this before and I don't want to give up on him. We started talking on Sunday and we went out on Tuesday. I was so nervous too. When I saw him, I was like wow this guy is all I want. We talked for a bit but he didn't ask me a lot of questions. We still had fun though. The only concern I had was that out date only lasted a hour. Finally, we spend some time in car and we talked for 20 minutes. Honestly, I told myself I really like this guy. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and we said good bye. The next day I text him and I text him that I liked him and we should meet again. He messaged me saying what specifically I liked about him and I said his personality. Since then he hadn't text me back... I liked this guy... So what should I do?

I guess it's crazy...


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  • You're not crazy, you're just a girl. So this is normal, he definitely doesn't like you as much as you like him, but chill out with the texting and stuff. Give it time, the more you spend time with him, the more you will grow on him.

    • You are right because he hasn't text me back and it's been three days now. I really liked him. So bummed...

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  • Maybe you should just chill a bit. When you are over aggressive a guy can sense it and it scares them off. Don't text him again, wait for him to make contact with you.

    • Lol, yes, you are right!