Would it look weird or cute / other?

ok so i'm 5'1 and there's this guy that i like whos 6'3, would it look weird/funny cute if we were together or if you see a couple on the streets that have ahuge height difference whats your honest opinion? does height matrer ( what i mean is that does s huge heght difference matter) ?


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  • No it wouldn't i had a friend he was 6"7 his girl friend was 4"10 lol so the real question is, should you care what others think?

    • I'm not sure if I should feel bad for your mate's girlfriend or sad for your mate lol

    • nooo haha im the type of person that doesn't care what others think, what bothers me is when people dont have a logical reason to hate on someone, if someone hastes on me i just want to know why theyre doing it and not 'just because they can' thats stupid.

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  • It's a bit weird but it's becoming more common so people don't really care anymore. Most of my family is like that so i understand.


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  • height difference only matters if it bothers you or him I had a friend he is very tall and he had a short gf it looked a little odd at first but it's not really a big deal.