Should I get back together with my ex after being broken up for a while?

so me and my ex broke up last year and have been broken up for eights months now.. we always kept in touch until for the last 2 months i have not had contact with her.. i went also went home for the holidays and saw her with her new boyfriend but didn't say any to her or him as i passed them like a hot bus... she msged me today saying that she missed me and loved me still and doesn't see her present relationship going anywhere.. also to the twist she said she was expecting me to contact while i was home for the holidays in order to meet up but i didn't and she wanted us to meet up for some reason.. she has msged me all day but is still with her boyfriend and say she can't do long distance because im away at school.. should i just forget about her and tell her to leave alone or should i try and get back together with her some how?


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  • Leave it alone. It's been 8 months and you've gotten on with your lives. She is with someone else and said she wouldn't do long distance. The reality is that she saw you and had a rush of feelings and the same for you but if the rest if the time you guys were fine wih the break up then don't try the relationship again.


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