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Okay so I'm a sophomore in high school and I really like the guy I sit next to in my guitar class, he's a senior. He's funny and adorable and just great. We're friends and we joke around, but we aren't too close really. He comes to sit by me when we don't have to sit in assigned seats and even though he knows I have no idea what I'm doing half the time he asks me what to do and to help him.

I'm really starting to like him and I want to get him to ask me out. I'm not the type of girl who's afraid of rejection I just don't wanna chance things and make it really awkward, plus his friends are horrible and are in the same class and I don't want them to know I like him unless he likes me back.

We make blatantly sexual joke with each other and flirt a bit. I know somewhat of what he's attracted to in a girl and I fit a few categories. I was wondering if anyone has tips to get him to ask me out or how to find out if he likes me or something of that sort. Thanks all responses are seriously appreciated


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  • He is at the least a little attracted to you, if you wanna know if he likes you for sure - does he look at you a lot? Do his friends look at you in an "unsettling" way :D? When you talk to him is he focused on you and not what's going on around you? Does he remember small details? Like if you talk about for ex. how your baby cousin had a cold and you felt bad for her or something- sorry super crappy example but if he brings it back up to make sure your baby cousin is ok then you know he is really paying attention to what you are saying because even your friends wouldn't remember that. Another thing is if he compliments you a lot and calls you cut pretty talks about your eyes, hair... Small things like that

    And to make him know that you want him to ask you out talk about dating- like talk about your past bfs and his past gfs, talk about how you feel in dating and that you really wanna date like now- don't go overboard but don't be to suttle about hints. Commenting on his looks will be a good way for him to know that you like him- comment on his eyes. Just remember to be confident and to not to be subtle when you hint at wanting him to ask you out but don't go super crazy about it either. Good Luck <3 :) I hope it works out between you two and he likes chuuuu


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  • Well you've got a great shot at it!!! I say go for it... if i'm understanding it right then i think the signs are there. Just be careful not to get too swept up. He might have some... motives or intentions that you aren't ready for. Good luck!

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