Does your SO ever get upset but won't ever tell you why. Mine does and it's annoying how about you?

Tell me what you think about this. And why they may do this. I know no one is really innocent of this. I've done it. Though I've tried not to

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  • I don't have a SO but that would be annoying if I have upset you tell me in a calm way and we can sort it. That is how I feel.

    • Exactly. I just don't get why she just didn't tell me. It even when the whole day had been done. Its like all of a sudden something out of the blue set her off. If its not me its something like today. I was just reading while she was making phone calls for her dad and then boom upset/pissy and it was a simple quick phone call to pay a bill

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    • That happens a lot and I've tried talking about it. Ugh

    • I know either way it is unfair on you. I mean the silent treatment is immature and if you're having a bad day that does not give someone the right to take it out on those around them.

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  • Are you by chance dating a woman?


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  • I don't understand what SO means..

    • Oh significant other lol sorry.. I guess I need to catch up on some lingo.

  • There are two kinds of people in this world those that can easily express themselves and those who keep it all bottled up... apparently you've got yourself one that doesn't like to share and this can be for many different reasons. personally I keep my feelings to myself when it comes to my SO because most times the things that are bugging me would/could hurt if I voiced them and that is the last thing I want... I just don't think my SO could handle complete honesty so for the sake of the relationship I keep it to myself... and I don't always do this mind you just for inconsequential things or things we've already discussed but haven't changed why keep talking about the same thing. it's not as if there will be a different outcome the 9th time around

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