My crush drunk texted that they like me, how do we proceed from here? Help Please! ?

What do I do? It was over text message. and he was drunk!! I don't even know how to respond. please help

i don't want to make it awkward
haha ok thank you :)


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  • Are you sure he was drunk? He may have not gotten the correct response and played it off as drunk.

    • haha he hasn't gotten a response. were both really shy, i don't think he would have the nerve to tell me if he was sober. even though we both already knew we liked each other

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    • I mean I don't think I have to hurry its like 2 am ! but I don't want to text him something that will make things awkward for us when we see eahother in person

    • Well then don't respond. Wait until you're in person... Here I am having a heart attack thinking something has to be done soon : /

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  • Haha "a drunk man's words is a sober man's thoughts".. But just in case you should probably play it safe.

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