Would this be too corny of a V-day date?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years and this V-day I'm planning a Friday night date for him and he's planning Saturday for me.

I'm on kind of a tight budget but came up with what I think is a cute idea yet affordable.

Taking him to the mall that evening and having a "candle lit" dinner.

I'd bring nice plastic plates, napkins, get pizza slices and bread sticks from our favorite joint in the mall, buy a cream soda in a glass bottle (to resemble wine), I have two plastic wine glasses, the electric battery opp tea light candles, and a fake rose for him.

After we could hang out and do mall stuff, photo booth, massage chairs, bookstore, maybe get ice cream or pretzels.

Would this be a corny or cute date?

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What Guys Said 3

  • where exactly would this be taking place in a mall? is it at an actual restaurant and you're bringing all the extras? or are you literally making your own space for this dinner?

    • Mall like the food court but it's usually not a very crowded mall

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    • oh yeah that's right. damn. well... oh okay wait. do you know anyone who has like an apartment nearby or something that you can borrow from them?

    • I do know one person kind of near by I'd have to give her a call and see if maybe I can work something out with her and the roommate. Thanks!

  • i would be happy to be with you (in his case) but overall sounds so boring that its depressing

    • Would just a regular dinner be better?

    • i think just going for a walk would be better. i never understood how the mall is this place for couples to go... the mall has zero romantic appeal to me. if you want to grab a pizza, maybe go eat it on a park nearby if its not to cold or better yet, go home with him xD
      but thats just me though... i really find malls boring af. i always laugh at those people actually sitting in the massage chairs xD
      or maybe just use all the money you wanted to spend in the mall and take him to another nice pizzaria, that is not in the mall :D it would be a much more intimate setting

    • A pizzaria might be nice if I can find a decent one they're kind of all modern/fast food around here. I'd love to do something outside but it's still winter here and we both stay in small dorms with roommates.

  • It's super corny, but I'd be happy if my girlfriend did this.


What Girls Said 2

  • thats so cute! i love the idea it's super creative. :)

  • Guys - do not = malls.. this date is really for you and cheap/corny = ugh
    A relationship exists b/c YOU care more about HIM when planning such things = it's sacrifice and practice when more are around that need this sacrifice (kids, even parent-care). It's in the sacrificing your joy comes.

    What drives him nuts (except you), his passion, his free time spent = what he'd love catered to him by you

    • He actually loves the mall that's why I picked it. He likes the pizza place and could spend all day in the bookstore there. I thought it be something he'd enjoy.

    • I'm thinking he would like it if you pulled his hair out as well, just to be near you. Think again what a real man would really love. ... and tell me he's not just some puppy dog pet...

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