The strangest thing happened to me today?

Normal day, walking in the hall and noticed I dont have class today. Turn around and see a pretty girl waving in my direction so I look around there is no one in the except for me.

She gets closer and says Hi, Im like"wtf" and say Hi back. She says she waiting for her professor and talks for like 30 seconds. I couldnt pay attention to what she was saying because she was so hot so I respond by saying Im a senior, lol?

She looks dumbfounded so I say well it was nice talking to you and I walk away as she says nice talking to you too.

This is so strange it can only mean one thing, the end of the world.


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  • Why walk awayyyyy omg

    • She caught me off guard I wasn't ready for that haha. I couldnt think or know what to say

    • Lol you should've laughed the senior thing off and asked her what she is. Maybe next time

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  • Ahahwaw sounds like you blew it.. Hopefully next time, it goes smoothly

  • Did you ask her for number?

    • lol no, maybe next time though I will be prepared.

    • I hope there will be next time ( :
      Just kidding