Is a month too early for status check?

I've been dating a man for a month now and things have been going really well. We have a lot of chemistry and we're really attracted to each other. It's an introvert so most of our time together is spent at his house (which it fine with me). We having had sex yet (which is what I wanted and he agreed) but we have fooled around and I've stayed over his place a couple of times. And he's 10 years older than me.

Before this week we would text everyday and he would mostly text me first (I texted first maybe 3 or 4 times). Now this week I've found myself contacting him first and I had to ask him out for this Saturday. I'm not all that experienced in relationships but I kinda feel unconformable doing that. I just want to know that he's thinking of me.

We met on POF and he knows that my main objective is "to find someone to marry". He's even asked me if I wanted kids on our second date so he knows where my head is at.

When I see him this weekend I plan to just "check-in" just to make sure we're on the same page as far as what we want out of this. I'm not asking him define the relationship, I just want to ask if we're still going down that path.

Do you think I'm asking too much too soon? It's not like he disappeared on me. It just sort of shocked me that he didn't contact me first this week.

I meant is say that he's a introvert and that we haven't had sex.

Also, I should say that he DID contact me first on Tuesday.


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  • Just enjoy the dating phase.
    There's chances he is seeing someone else... so don't limit your options to him.
    If he mentions he is exclusively dating you, then you do the same.
    I would just ask us where we stand as of now, and what does he see coming out of this relationship?
    I wouldn't expect him to say marriage so early on, but I would expect him to say he is interested in me as far as relationship wise.
    If he answers that way, then you both are on the same page.
    I would give it a few more dates until he made it official.


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  • Not if that is what you want. Some couples are official after one date. Others after a year. Don't wait just to look "cool" and whatnot. Communicate with him and what you don't want to do is keep pestering him about it. If he says not yet, then wait for a while (a few weeks or so) and eventually if he just isn't committing, then you can consider leaving (because clearly in that case you aren't compatible in terms of committment).

    But I hope it goes well and he accepts.

  • Are all this questioning stemming from the face that he initiated less then you this week?

    • Yeah, I TOTALLY could be over reacting (I've been known to do it). Like I said I don't have a lot of relationship experience so I don't know what I'm doing. That's why I don't want to jump in his face. I want to keep it light. I want to ask him in a way that would put the blame on myself. Like "do you think I was a little clingy this week by texting you everyday? I know we're not 'there' yet and I don't want to get on your nerves already." Something like that.

    • Fuck I feel like I'm overreacting.

    • I'd say you should relax and keep yourself busy for a while before acting on this one.

      You known what they say about idle minds.

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  • Yes ask if he sees you as a couple. Then you'll know where his head is in this.