Valentine's day ideas- sex and date night?

Hey, thanks for reading!

So I’m new in this Long distance relationship thing. My boyfriend is coming to visit me on Valentine’s Day, so I’m thinking of planning something special for him on that night.

Can you help me thinking of date ideas? For the date night as well as for making the sex different and exciting…since well, it’s Valentine’s Day and i want to surprise him!

I was thinking on going to one of those trendy-hipsterish restaurants that he likes and then maybe go home and surprise him with racy lingerie and chocolate fondue. With low lights, candles and flower petals.

What do you guys think- to cliché?

Maybe this is a bit in advance but I’m a planner and I want him to feel special.

Thanks for reading so much!


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  • No, I’m not going to “help” you by giving you cutesy, romantic ideas that you’re essentially just going to steal and take credit for. Like you’re really going to tell your boyfriend “By the way, I had to get on GAG. com to come up with something. I couldn’t figure out anything good enough on my own.”
    Make up something AUTHENTIC that comes from YOUR HEART, not someone else’s.

    • Smile a bit
      breath in and out!!!

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    • Chill, your precious ideas are still in your head.
      Nobody is stealing from you.

    • I am chill lol don’t get an attitude with me. You’re only not stealing ideas because I’m keeping them to myself.

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