She likes me but doesn't talk about it or hang out with me, why?

so, this girl just keeps an intense eye contact whenever i talked to her. she does stare at me sometimes too. we hang out only once. i am shameless, i had told her i like her very much and i adore her. i want her sexually because she is an amazing person over all.

she said i trust you. i told her that we dont trust each other just yet fully as you just dont clear your side. i dont talk about this at work place at all so i ask her to come out to coffee shop near by. she doesn't come.

anyway, i asked her at our office party "hey, would you like to have a dance with me?" she said "right now its time for a smoke" i lost my cool as i hate unclear answers. i just left the party. i did guide my hand on her lower back and kept there for entire conversation. she didn't deflect or oppose my hand on her lower back.

i just dont want to lose this amazing girl but she seems to push me away. i like her enough to let her enjoy her freedom to choose the guy she wants to date.

she is in management of the company, brand new on the job. i understand she wants to prove herself first in the company but why she avoids talking about dating part but very friendly otherwise. she asks me questions and laughs on my jokes too.

in short, i am clueless. i am a guy who go after one girl at a time. i dont need sex to VALIDATE my own worth but i am hitting my point to just cut her loose. wht do you think?

i am not immature and i know what i want. i made my intention very clear in the begining so we dont waste each other time. i prefer to have girl friends not bitches. i dont enjoy them at all. i did tell her, she has absolute freedom to decide whatever she wants to do with me, i am simply presenting invitation to join me and let me take her on a journey.

am i too direct, she did tell me once. she never had anyone like me who makes her feel good about herself.


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  • She's not into you. I think it's quite obvious. I suggest you move on


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  • She could be shy, scared... maybe unsure if u really want more out of it, or maybe she's not ready for more than a thing between you two and doesn't know how to present that..


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  • The phrase, "actions speak louder than words" come to mind.

    I'd just move on if I were you.

  • I don't think she's that into you.