What does he mean in saying this, in regards to the fling we had?

I ended up admitting to this guy I recently had a fling with I had feelings for him.

It did not seem like we used each other for sex. Even he admits it.

He says I never used you, we still hung out. I would never do that to someone, or intentionally hurt them. Especially someone like you.

He saying that has me confused... Not sure how to interrupt that.



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  • It means he would've been open to seeing you but neither of you had the balls to ask for more.

    • He said he was not ready for a relationship that was why I never said anything. He also says he was confused after what happened. He had a lot going on. We hung out I got stronger feelings so ended up backing off. Other complications were involved to but that is a whole other story. It just sux it did not turn out the way I had hoped.

    • That's a load of bs, sounds like he's married or playing the field.

    • Playing the field. He apparently has feelings for my friend now. Surprised he fell for her manipulation and she is completely in love with him. We hooked up Christmas Eve for gods sake. That's all BS and to dog your friend after knowing a guy a week before Christmas till now is pretty low.

      He says even besides that. More complications in his life lol. Nothing for me to worry about now though.