What do you make of this text conversation?

Him: Who thee HELL let you win in pool? Lol
Me: Ay, you don't know I'm low key a pool shark! Just try to get on my level. ;P
Him: Well we'll just have to see about that!
Me: I'm always ready haha
Him: Okay. What's our wager? Lol
Me: Can't we just play for satisfaction of the win? :)
Him: Noooo. Lol jk of course we can :)
Me: I'm free tomorrow and Sunday but not tonight, Monday or Tuesday lol. Wbu?
Him: Just about the same lol it'll probably be tomorrow or Sunday
Me: "Probably" haha can you not make plans with me in advance anymore? ;)
Him: Lol Sunday to be more realistic.
Me: Alright, I know you need time to practice :)


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  • It seems friendly and mildly flirty, in my opinion :)