First date in almost 5 years, and I'm terrified. help?

I have a date scheduled with this amazing girl this Saturday, and it will be my first date in almost five years, since Grade 11 in high school. She and I met up for coffee a little while back, but this is the first time, that i'd say, that we're going out. Nervousness is putting it lightly. What does she expect out of me? what should I expect out of her? I dont exactly feel like coming off as an insecure trembling mess. any advice or encouragement would be fantastic.


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  • there is one good advice to give that helped me a lot in a date.
    Keep your mind on that girl and respond on her reactions, when you`re overthinking your actions she won`t get to see the real person behind those worries.
    You want her to see you as you are, by doing that she will get an idea what kind of person you are and she might end up liking you a lot or not, either way if you don`t keep your mind clear of worries and insecurities she won`t see the real you.

    Be calm and be yourself and maybe she will like you, if not then so be it. Someone might be an amazing person, but if there isn`t a good connection then it will not work. It sounds rude, but you want a working relationship and not a dying light.

    Best of luck with your date man/

  • In a nutshell, try your best to just be yourself and not overly ruminate on whether she likes you or not. Also, don't ask others so much about what you should and should do because then you'll start overthinking and the fact is that dating is subjective. What works for one girl might be a complete turn-off for another. You need to feel her out yourself and make your own calls.

    Also, don't stress yourself out so much by "not trying to be clingy/needy". If you can clearly see that she needs space or she explicitly tells you so or that you're putting way more effort in keeping contact with her, I mean give her her space and back off a bit, and don't compromise your identity or self-love in dating her, but also don't play games and ruin your time worrying about "not coming off too clingy/needy".

    Clinginess/neediness is also subjective now. What one girl finds clingy might not be enough contact for another. Again, it's about finding someone YOU are subjectively compatible with.

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