How do I get over being afraid of being in a relationship? (pls read)?

Recently I've been talking to a guy that I like and he likes me too but I've realized the thought of being in a relationship really terrifies me. I've had some bad experiences , being ignored and verbally abused , cheated on and than watching my parents go through the same thing only a few weeks later. My dad cheated on my mom and it was just 3 months of hell. Constant fighting and arguing and heartache. I think this has left a mark on me and I'm beginning to just not want to be in a relationship at all because I'm scared I'm going to end up being hurt or end up like my parents. I don't want to hurt the guys feelings just because I'm being overemotional , if I am being? So how do you think I should go about getting over this fear? I know I'm young but I don't want things that happened now to mess up future good experiences I could have. So what do I do?


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  • Take a chance. The guy likes you and if he likes you and you like him then you should take the time to tell him about your fears of the relationship. Either he's on board or not, but he probably will be on.
    Best wishes.
    Ps. When i like a girl, there is nothing i would do to jeopardize that relationship.


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