Silly question yes but wondering if anyone had any advice for this?

Currently I'm on probation for a owi I got a year ago. Still have 7 months to go. For months I wasn't really interested in meeting anyone, really busy person (still am) however, now I kinda want to meet a really nice woman. I'm kinda shocked at this as im not much of a dater especially during this time for me.

Anywho, I'm more of a party drinker, not consumed of alchole 24-7. Been having to go to aa as condition but I dont think its right to try to meet someone there because a lot of people are there since they've had an actuale issue with the booze.

Where could someone in my shoes could go to meet someone on the same situation as me? Can't go to a bar yet, obvious reasons of course. And I don't have motivation to use dating sites anymore. Just not feeling like meeting others off the net. Your thoughts?


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  • Hmmm, maybe the library? A coffee shop? Good luck with everything!

    • Thank you. Stay clear of drinking and driving!! This does suck!!!

    • You're welcome! And yeah it probably sucks, but definitely better than the alternatives.

  • Why don't yiu kick the habit first? That's what they recommend right?

    • I'm not a full blown alcoholic. Just tried to drive home from a party. Dumb choice to make obviously. I'm social drinker. Can't wait to have one once this is over.

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