What do you think about this girl I am seeing?

I met this girl last year and we agreed to be in a relationship then we broke up after about 3 months. We caught up about 2 weeks ago. We ate dinner together and we walked around the mall and she wanted to stop by game stop to get a late new year gift for her male co-worker who she said was a really good friend of her. I felt really jealous because I did not get anything for Valentine's from her when we were together but I got her a lot of things. She said she felt sorry because the guy got her something for new year but she did not so she wanted to get late new year gift for him. And I felt that I wasn't someone that important to her when we were together. She cared about her friend but she gave zero damn to her boyfriend. Do you think she had no feeling for me at all when we were together?


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  • Maybe she likes the both of you in a different way? I mean it's obvious, but to be honest maybe she likes him better? Or he really is just that close to her. Why don't you point that out to her in a polite way, at least you'll know what's wrong.

    • We are not dating. We just caught up.

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    • I don't want to talk too much about how much I spent on her because I think it's a duty as a man. it'a not like I want the money I spent on her back. I thought that I wasn't too important for her so she didn't even bother to get anything for me for Valentine's day while she worried about her male co-worker for not getting him anything and then she decided to buy some x box games for him. You can be honest. I am here for people's honest opinion.

    • That's the most ridiculous thing a lady could ever do. Specially since it was Valentine's day, and girls are the giver in a relationship.. usually. But you're not stupid, you just did that because she meant something to you. And you're right for keeping things private, you're humble. I don't think you've been used, i just think that the relationship you've had with her doesn't mean so much to her. I mean she basically gives something back to the regulars, but you, on a special occasion and as her special someone, why would she forget? I know it's not the material things that matters, but at least show some sincerity, i bet a thank you note and a kiss would be enough. At least it showed that she really care.

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  • I think she's not really an emotionally healthy person.