Girls, what do you think of guys with a tattoo right by the v line beneath the abs. A tattoo like a Chinese character for example?

Thanks for answering. Curious George wants to know.


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  • Would definitely look good but I think it's sort of dumb to get a word in a different language if you don't speak that language. But that's just me. Good placement but I'd consider getting something else

    • Yeah it's so cliché. if I dated a girl that had a tattoo like that and didn't speak the language I'd have second thoughts regarding her intelligence

    • I speak French and a friend of mine got a french phrase tattooed on her foot... And she isn't french and can't even speak the language... There's actually a grammatical error in it but I dot have the heart to tell her...

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  • If he has nice abs then totally hot!

  • I think that is pretty damn awesome and attractive. I love tattoos and have one myself !


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