How long does it take to get over someone completely?

I like this guy for about 8 months then went on like 2 dates with him, which was in October/November, then found out he was playing me and all he wanted was sex. Even after he knew I knew he still insisted that he liked me and we meet up. He continually tried to contact me, I ignored him most of the time. The last time I saw him was just before Christmas and he made it really clear that all he wanted was sex (which I rejected).

This has never happened before, usually if I date someone and get rejected I can get over him pretty quickly. It's so frustrating! I've been trying to distract myself but it just doesn't seem to work. How can I move on and how long will it take to get over him completely?

* I liked this guy
UPDATE: I just feel like there's something wrong with me because we only went on 2 dates so nothing was official


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  • It takes me on average 3-4 months to get over someone and move on. To get over completely? It takes me about a year. It is different for everyone. I cannot speak for anyone else but myself.

    • Thanks, I don't feel so bad now

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  • Just like others say it differs from each person, plus what the situation is as well. I usually get over people pretty quickly, because usually for me it is black or white. But with this last person it has taken me a little bit longer. I have completely understood the situation and realize that she isn't interested me. But It bugs me because I know that I can treat her good but for whatever reason and whatever is going through her mind she doesn't see it.

  • That depends on if you see him on a regular basis. If u don't see him on a regular basis then 4 to 6 weeks. Keep busy so u don't think about him. Hangout with friends as much as possible. Can u help with my question.

    • Thanks, whats your question?

  • Four months. That said distracting yourself won't work and you will recover faster if you just face your thoughts and rationalize through them.


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