Girl leans towards me in some pics I looked at, she likes me?

My good female friend and I chat all the time, but have not done anything romantically. Most of the time we chat online on media like Skype and facetime. Enjoy chatting and sharing just about everything. She talks about guys who took her out etc. I assume she was not romantically interested in me. However we finally had the chance to hang out in person recently. Today I was examining the pics taken of us, some were finally sent to me by a friend. Two of these pics showed her leaning towards me! She was leaning away from her girlfriends and towards me, our arms touched each other I remember. Is she subconscisously attracted to me?

Is it ok if I point out what I saw in these pics to her and talk about it? She's a cool person.

Anymore opinions?


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  • I think she does, yeah.


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  • I'm sure it wasn't subconscious.

    • Ok maybe it wasn't, but I want to get right to the point does she possibly like me? Should I ask her?

    • Ask her.

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