If you get that urge to check a crush's Facebook what do you do?

It's so damn tempting. I haven't seen this guy in about 8 months and still am not over him. We haven't talked for that long and I deleted him off Facebook so what do i do i get SOO tempted sometimes.. ah.


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  • I deactivate my account.


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  • I get up. I walk over to the refrigerator. I poor cold water down my pants. It's saved me many snooping hours.


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  • Don't check it, you will only find something that will piss you off. I try ro avoid but eventually their page keep taunting me and I end up regretting it. So to avoid don't think about it keep busy

    • Yeah I know it's so self-destructive. I see pictures of him with a girl ( another new girl..) everytime i check his page and it drives me insane.

    • Ugh I hate when it's like that! Try not to torture yourself.

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