I've stared going on dating web site to meet guys. cuse I live in a small town and there ant a lot of guys here, When is it the right time to meet?

I've never been on a date or had a boyfriend, I'm kind scared of meet these guy's on dating web site cause i don't know what to do or when it the right time to meet face to face?


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  • Good for you for trying something new! Take your time. Eventually you'll get a feel for the creepers and keepers. Try to avoid giving out your real name or using an email that's attached to anything like your Facebook or Skype. Don't give out your phone number. Try to limit how many pictures you post. There are a ton of great apps like kik you can use instead of texting. Try talking with guys for at least a few weeks. You want to know what kind of personality he has before you let him know anything super personal. Think of it like you're making friends before anything else.

    Male Anon's tips are also super helpful! There are lots of good articles out there about good ideas for meeting up. Good luck!


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  • meet them after a video call, and make sure first meet is in some place public

  • Did you not meet guys in school

    • yeah but they like skinny girls and i'm not skinny, I have a full hour glass figure lol

  • Wait about six weeks after beginning to talk. Always meet in a public place. Do not meet anywhere far away from the highway or main street you used to get there.


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