Does she like me? What is your take?

So below I'm going to list some things. Saw this girl for about 3 now. I want your opinion.

She texts me every day.
Almost always say good morning/ goodnight
Makes me text her when I get home safe
we spent 2 nights together (no sex my choice)
Texts a lot of smiles
Texted me a heart one night during goodnights
Constantly asking me to come visit or snuggle.

The last time we went on a date was last Saturday and even the next day she was still asking to see me and teasing and flirting. One day this week I told her where I stand, I have very small feeling just from the time spent together but the chemistry is just a little off. But I wanted to keep seeing her. We ended up fighting almost every day this week and the one we didn't she got really bad news. Yesterday we got in a huge fight because she wants to just be friends she says. After which she started getting really critical of everything I said. I was either being mean or hitting on her I guess. I wasn't and I have no reason to lie here. After awhile I said if she didn't wants to be friends she needs to be friendly and stopped texting. I got "im sorry a few hours :(" a few hours later. Then we talked a lot the rest of the day. Today I didn't text her at all because we are only friends now and that is great but unlike dating it means I don't need daily contact. She hit me up and continued to through out the night. With seflies and pics. So I am just a curious for the sake of curiosity what are your thoughts G@G people, do you think she likes me and is just pushing me away after a week of fighting.

She would make a lot of references to IF I WAS YOUR GF

But anyway it all went south when she was drunk I told her to drive safe and I guess she considered that me being to clingy. Funny because she was the one who kept initiating the conversation after I would stop talking. I was out of town and didn't say anything to her till Sunday and she had deleted me on FB. Not broken up about it, Im pretty sure she liked me and when I wouldn't have sex I killed it for her which just spiraled
into everything else. But honestly I am just terrible at reading women which is why I was curious what others thought about her behavior. We were a bum match anyway I didn't enjoy her in person and only started to get feelings because of the time that had passed. Plus I moved on that weekend lol


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  • The hell... sounds like she's interested but because you said you weren't yet she wanted you to think she only liked you as a friend? Some really weird shit is going on here I think you should keep your distance from her. sounds like either a) she's unstable but doesn't know it or b) she likes playing mind games too much.

    • Oh trust me I think if anything she has the opposite impression and it scared her. She says the chemistry just is not there. Its the same thing she said earlier in the week only that day she also added, opening up after her ex is taking awhile.

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    • I just find it interesting I honestly could believe her when she says she doesn't feel anything. I haven't been overly pushy physically and like I said I even admit the feelings between us are not always there in person. I just find the huge change in behavior since I said I was starting to get even small feeling fascinating. Especially considering personally I think before the signs where very much the opposite. Just a weird spot lol.

    • Oh and I am that is my plan like I said above I really am good being friends. She is a great person and I love hanging out with her as friends. Plus the chemistry is weird for me shifting from friends to maybe something more but always at least friends. I am at a point after the last few years that I honestly will not stop looking and talking until at least one women commits. I went through the whole not sure thing both giving and receiving so I'm done with that bs.

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  • She loves the attention that you give her.
    She made it clear things will not progress any further.
    I wouldn't waste my time on her.

    • Thanks for the feedback and I'm not at this point Im just chatting as friends because I do enjoy that side of things and like I said not giving any more then that since thats all she wants. Otherwise she would of gotten a good morning today. I'm good looking elsewhere, I take people at their word. I'm done standing around waiting on anyone for love.

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  • Those are obviously signs that she likes you. But then, women often don't know where to draw the line between 'being super friendly' and 'showing romantic interest', and their behavior usually contradicts their thoughts. Since she specifically mentioned that you are 'just a friend', I suppose you're buried way too deep in the dreaded 'friendzone', and she will never let you out.

    If you're fine being friends with her, you can continue contacting her. If now, politely let her know that you can't be 'that close' anymore if she isn't willing to date you.

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    • Its alright, I'm cool! It would take MUCH more than that to offend me! No worries! I wasn't offended at all, but I just wanted to know what exactly you wanted, so that I could answer your question better!

    • I just find the human mind fascinating and love to figure out what people are thinking, especially in cases like this. The thrill of figuring that out is what gets me off and I come here some times to get others opinion to gauge the correctness of my own assumptions.