What to do with my best friend who likes me?

I've always thought of my best friend and I platonic. We met in first grade and she never said anything to me and by the time high school came around I knew she wasn't my type. We're older now and I'm dating someone. We just started dating and I really think she's someone long term. She likes my friends and is cool with my best friend. Doesn't mind at all because she trusts me to not do anything stupid. My best friend who just ended her quick marriage (married at 18) 3 months ago recently got drunk at a party we were at. She told me she's always liked me. She told me all these things. The next morning I confronted her about it and she said it was true. I told my girl about it and she didn't care. She told me she trusts me to make the right decision and she won't force us apart. Its awkward between us when we hang out because i can tell she dresses up a bit more. I dont want to lose her yet I dont want to lose my girlfriend.


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  • keep a boundary with your best friend. what ever happens will happen eventually. what i could say is dont lead your best friend. It will definitely will make her mad at you. Just be open with the r/s with her