Hey Guys: if he made a goofy face when taking pics is it a bad sign?

Today was out employee party and the chef (my crush lol) is sitting next to me and I told him that I want a picture with him. He got closed with me to take picture but he made this goofy face. is that a bad sign?


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  • Its not to good

    • please tell me why :(

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    • That's the thing that I feel like :(

    • Well you have a crush on him you can still see what happens, next time try something that will make him think of you in a different way

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  • Oh god, not a funny face.


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  • It can mean several things.
    1. He's so comfortable with you that he doesn't mind you having a "bad" picture of him (this is obviously good)
    2. He's a little insecure over how he looks in photos and doesn't consider himself photogenic, so he does funny faces instead in order to make it look like he was "ugly" on purpose, lol. I've done this myself. (this is neither good or bad, it doesn't have much to do with you)
    3. Maybe he wanted you to pull a goofy face too.
    4. He just thought it was funny.

    • hmm thank you for this! well one guy commented it this way:
      "He felt awkward that you'd want a pic with him... you probably asked him... and since his inner feelings towards you were trivial at best his facial expressions was one of impulse. He doesn't see you as someone who draws out serious thoughts. He basically friend zoned you... but there's nothing wrong with a silly pic. Maybe he's a comedian"


    • I think that's a bit too deep considering that it was jus a goofy face. I doubt there was really THAT big of a meaning behind it. The both of you were at a party, having some fun. I doubt it goes beyond that. Whether he only likes you as a friend or something more is unclear for sure, but I wouldn't go as far as saying that his feelings for you are trivial at best. If you really like him, just ask him out. That will give you a pretty clear answer.