Does he like me o is he just being friendly?

I've gone to this get together twice now and I've noticed that there is a really cute guy there. He is one of the organizers of the event and really sweet. Anyway, on the first meeting he spoke to me and we were talking for about 10 mins or so, until I started eating. I watched that he wanted to ask me something more, but the situation got really awkward and he started talking to someone else after. However, since then I have noticed that he doesn't really talk to me that much personally and I've found that he talks to everyone else more than he talks to me.

However, when this other guy keeps joking around with me, he keeps laughing his head off. I've also noticed that whenever someone else seems to flirt with me, the guy intervenes in the conversation (happened twice yesterday). I got up to go to the toilet at one point and he went "Where are you going?"

At the end of last night when everyone was saying goodbye, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Does it sound like he might be into me or is he just being friendly?


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  • He's being hot/cold.


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  • I reckon he wants the V!!! GOOD LUCK GIRL!!

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