First Date...What Do These Signals Mean?

I met this guy on a dating website. We had been talking for a while on the phone and finally we decided to meet. When we met he took me out for dinner, then a movie and finally he asked what I wanted to do after the movie. He said he didn't want to go home and neither did I. So we ended up at a hotel to just hang out, at first we just watched movies for about 3 hours and throughout the movie while I was lying down he kept getting closer to me and putting his hand next to mine, but for some reason he seemed to shy to hold my hand and after an hour or so he finally slid his fingers through mine. From then on he caressed me for about an hour and one thing led to another and next thing you know he kisses me like I've never been kissed. He kissed me very passionately and he caressed my face so gently. Then we ended up making love and after we fell asleep, but throughout the night he kept waking up just to hug me. In the morning we did it once more and when he dropped me off he asked me what I thought about him and so I asked him the same and both gave each other positive feedback. Then as we were parting he hugged me and said it was nice to meet you, I hope we can see each other again soon and he kissed me softly, then as I was leaving he said ill be texting you in about 5 min. and I told him to please only text me if he was really into me and that I didn't want him to feel like he had to and he said not at all. Then 10 min. later he texted me and I didn't respond back, and he text me 5 more times after that. Finally I texted him this morning and he says I thought you didn't want to talk to me because you never responded. Does this mean he's into me? Also why did he caress me the way he did?

I forgot to mention that when we made love he asked me where could he finish and he did it inside me. Why would he do that if he just met me?


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  • First off honey, you need to know when sex is sex and when it's making love. In no way was that "love. You guys just met. And as far as the text thing? You said for him not to text you unless he likes you. . . .And when he does text you FIVE TIMES you don't respond. Duh he likes you. Do you really need people to spell it out for you? And he caressed you the way he did because he liked you and found you attractive. Those weren't signals he was sending you. They were blatent, in your face sirens with flashing lights.

    • Ok so maybe I do need someone to slap me in the face and tell me it's real, but I just want to make sure. I guess I'm just a little nerve wrecked because he's not really a talker and he's so easy going, that it kinda scared me that maybe it was just an act of being a sweet guy,but now that I met him he really is shy and sweet.

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    • Dollface is dialed in on this and what the hell was the you ended up at a hotel? I have been on thousands of dates never ended up at a hotel. Either her home or mine. You met him off the net and you let him take you to a hotel? What the hell? wow you must trust everyone. YES HE LIKES YOU ARE YOU KIDDING? Lets hope he isn't a axe murder now.

    • Man o man I haet to seem harsh but you cannot be that damn stupid. I've met planty of guys off the internet and never ended up at a hotel. I see why you guys went to one though. I don't need some random dude knowing where I live. But you didn't have to sleep with him (stop calling it "making love" it was just sex) and you sure as hell didn't have to f***ing let him go inside you. You don't know this guy. What the hell are you gunna do if he has herpes or you get preggers?

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  • And you said "Why would he do that if he just met me?" The real question is why would you let HIM do that when you just met him.

  • Gotta agree with dollface.