She stopped calling?

I work with this girl and we went out a couple of times, it went really well, she was texting calling etc daily but then she told me she was scared of having a relationship at work cause we work so close together. We kept going out but all of a sudden she just stopped wanting to and stopped texting calling. Then she called me drunk on and was talking to me and then stopped texting me all together after that. I got sick and was out for like a couple days and she texted and called me a lot and seemed really worried but then after I came back she stopped again. Did she loose interest?


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  • Your question is all over the place, but I'll try to answer it: it seems like she's been on and off with calling and texting you, and generally paying any attention. I think this is most likely because she's simply busy! I don't like to suggest more intricate, less possible ideas since you'll only worry more. My advice is to just continue texting/calling her, talking to her as normal whenever you see her and show her you're there. I know that when I'm busy, I totally forget everything else and this is proably the case.

    Hope I helped! (: x

  • She only thinks of you as a friend, sorry to say. :( It very well may be true that being with someone you work with is a no-go in her book. In my opinion, however she used that as a cop-out excuse...


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