What sort of mind fu@! ery is this?

Ok this guy asked me out after a wedding via Facebook (lol) I told him I am not a bootay call chick if that's what he's looking for he will need to look elsewhere and I won't put up with his mind games, we went out every evening for the first 4 days he didn't even try to kiss me he kept telling our mutual friends how different I was and how he's never met anyone like myself, I was so intimidating to him blah blah blah... He likes to party he considers himself a wild man lol but he's funny and fun so I tolerated it. I asked him what he was looking for and his reply was everything I want it all long story short he insinuated through story telling he wants someone who can accept him for him he's been burned really bad in that past multiple times. Things were moving quick but I liked him bc he was stupid lol in a funny way... Chemistry was there. I never had sex with him 4 days in we slept together and kissed the end. He went on a trip and just fell the fuck off I'm like wtf I don't chase boys I don't initiate contact but I do tell them this I feel if a man wants you bad enough he will make it happen. the last time we were supposed to get together at a friend of his he just text me and was like I'm here c'mon I was like "I'm gonna hang back" he said "ok" and then asked " why". I was respectful and polite I wasn't full of attitude I just told him I don't know these people I think it's rude to just show up with out you I would feel awkward, and I know he invited me but his actions speak volumes in the other direction and I try to take hints and his hint was clear he has no interest. I haven't heard shit from him wtf is that crab about? I'm pretty certain I know but I'd like to hear a mans point if view and there are a few other back story points I left out but this is the jist. Sorry for the no punctuation :(


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  • So he was unstable and reacted unstably. Nothing surprising.


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