If It's really easy to impress me, and I'm not pick how do I choose?

With dating its usually the guy who approaches and choosing who he wants to date. I'm not that picky when it comes to looks and get along with most people. I really just want someone who wants to be with me and someone who I can just make super happy. I'm not the guy who wants the hottest girl in the room. I want a girl that I find attractive that I can just love and share time with. I feel like what what I'm looking for isn't hard to find and wonder why I haven't clicked with anyone. Is there a way to communicate to people that I'm single and i am willing to at least go on a date with them. If someone likes me I want to give them a chance like I'd want one. Also I'm not desperate for a relationship I'm just wondering why no one seems interested. I've seen no signs of interest in me. is it because of my looks? Sorry this was super long. :)

  • You will just click with someone
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  • Start by picking the ones you think are beautiful
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  • Just enjoy life a relationship will just happen
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  • Ask every girl you think is as least cute on a date
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  • Just get to know girls till u find your soulmate. The one who is your best friend and different than any other

    • True, I always am afraid that I'll start to like any girl I become close friends with. I should stop over thinking and not let it stop me. Thanks :)

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  • Ask the hot ones. Then move down. Then when you are the at the bottom of the barrel make that snobbish face and say "I shall for the sake of the species and my genes." She'll swoon.