I've had a lot of trouble with girls but people always say indirectly to me girls don't date losers what makes a guy a winner?

I have been consistently successful I came from a poor family and got a full scholarship to college. without saying a word I am in good shape it have good grades , and I am most proud of my character. I do not know why I fall through the cracks I'm just inexperienced I was focused on other things when everyone started dating do girls see me as a loser I know I'm not my life completely straight except with dating and I don't like using game I just want to be genuine and cool with girls it works for getting numbers but I can never take it further. How to get girls to see past surface bullshit and see who I am and why do the people with "game" win. I feel like game is just a trick. I wouldn't want to fuck with a deceptive person. I'm not short in fact very tall and I'm not particularly bad looking or have bad hygiene so whats up why are girls so shallow as long as she is decent looking and is a good person. That's all I want. But girls are so shallow. What's the secret!


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  • What are u like to hang out with? If u come off lame awkward or shy you're killing ur chances

    • No when I'm hanging out with girls they are always laughing usually it seems they think I'm pretty cool I never know what to do next I haven't dated like at all but granted it's probably more my fault than theirs

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  • Winners are people who don't come to help websites because they don't need help. They understand the difference between doing well and actually being something. No girl is dating you because you're a straight A student or were from a poor family. She wants to know that you're a good partner and can bring something to the table that makes them happy. You don't focus on the things that matter to the scenario and voila, you fail.

    • Wow bro that's harsh

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    • ? I do really know what that means, but I have a very warm hart but thanks. I won't lie though you made me feel like a real bitch for asking for help on girls ask guys. I will figure out though.

    • ... To be young...