My ex boyfriend is still in love with me, and I dont know wheater I I should go back with him or not?

my ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for about a week or so, and he's been going to a bunch of party's and telling me about how he's getting twerked and stuff, and I told him about one guy that I thought was cute and now he's going psycho. he's texted me over 100 times because I didn't respond. and the guy that I think is cute treats me good and stuff and tells me things I like to hear. I feel like my boyfriend doesn't treat me with respect and how I want to be treated but I he really likes me and I think I like him still, I don't know what to do. and when we were going out we fought a lot and I'm just confused


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  • It would be easy to oversimplify, but lets not.

    You have only broken up 1 week ago having lingering feelings is completely normal. So dont read to much into that. If you didn't have any leftover feelings i'd be inclined to ask if you ever had them to begin with.

    Now when he is talking/boasting to you about getting twerked id consider that provocative and a bit unfaithfull. His reaction when you said some guy was cute is rather possesive (though it might have been a tad provocative he shouldn't go al psycho).

    So his behavior is far from exemplary at the moment. If you add to this the fact that you dont feel respected or treated properly... I think its all there... You got your answer.

    Im not saying you should close the door permanently but unless things change why would you go back?


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  • Don't get back with him. He only said all that shit to you because he tried to make you feel jealous and think that you made a mistake leaving him, yet he couldn't even handle you actually moving on.

    • If he's doing all this to you NOW, it'll only get worse if you get back with him and end up breaking up again. Don't waste your time.

  • Do not go back. Ever.


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