I'm confused... does he like me or not?

I really like my guy friend. We used to work together, I've known him a little over a year, at work he would flirt with me a lot and tease me, I saw him looking at me a lot, I've heard him talking about me but I'm not sure about what... during this time he had a LDG, who he had just started dating, he would talk about her with everybody but not with me, I would ask him about her but he would act really awkward like he didn't want to talk about her... we no longer work together, but I asked him to hang out a couple times and he said yes, and it both times it was just him and I, first time he still never talked about the gf or any other girl, he also never refers to me as a friend at least not in front of me, we talked the other day and he basically implied that he broke up with the gf, it sounded like a hint, he never mentioned her name or anything, we planned to hang out the next day, and apparently he was invited out that night with friends and he had too much to drink and showed up to meet me the next morning hung over, it seems like he might like me, but that day he didn't seem like he was trying to impress me like not holding the door for me, I don't hold the party against him but it just confuses me? If we are. just friends why wouldn't he just say he. didn't feel well and rain check it? He doesn't really inciate contact with me like calling or texting, he does occasionally but it's usually me, I was texting a mutual friend and he brought up that (my crush) said that he and I were. spending some quality time together... I asked the friend if he thinks my crush likes me and he said he didn't know he thinks as just friends but he's not sure, but he lives in a different state and I'm not sure how much or how closely they talk... I'm so confused I don't want to lose him as a friend but I want. more with him we have a lot in common and he remembers a lot about conversations we have, he just seems different I've always felt that... Are we friends or could there be more?

I also work in a seasonal position, so we lost touch for a few months, and he started dating the other girl... he was also my boss, and I don't think he would cross that line, then I interned again... and again he was my boss we went to an employee party and everyone had a bit to drink and I caught him staring at me for quite a while, he compliments me a lot and touches my shoulder and stuff... I'm bad at flirting and I hope I didn't give HIM mixed signals


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  • You and your 'guy friend' whom you have known for 'Over a year,' dear, have had a chance for romance, with 'We used to work together' and with him feeling flirty and friendly, doing a bit of overtime on the job, even After he stopped working there-----I asked him to hang out a couple of times and he said yes...
    He had this Other half, who it seems he no longer has, and when he was with her, you of course were another dish he Never 'Ditched because he enjoyed you enough, thought of you as a friend and Never implied anything else to you. Now that they have broken up, here is his big chance for romance for you, but he still keeps it lite and sweet with even his actions speaking louder than his words and giving you helpful hints with no hymning nor hawing That------He doesn't really initiate contact with me like calling or texting...
    It sounds like he doesn't want to get Into another real relationship, being he and the other split up. He doesn't want to be hooked at the hip or be two birds of a feather but friends for now.
    If he told his bud that you both were 'Spending some quality time together' and he even mentioned when you had asked him about More in store, with this he had answered 'He thinks as just friends' and with this, although he is living in a 'Different state,' his answer speaks volumes to me as I sit here on my own end.
    Don't wear your heart on your sleeve at this point in time. You both may have 'A lot in common,' but if only One of you wants to sit in the love nest, then all you can do is either be patient and hang out and see where it goes in time or move on eventually if you see it is flying nowhere but instead Hitting home with you that... there is nothing more than friends.
    Good luck and best wishes for the new year. xx


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  • "invited out that night with friends and he had too much to drink and showed up to meet me the next morning hung over"

    Sounds like a keeper, sounds like he kept a promise.

    • Lol and we went wine tasting... he had a wine hang over

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    • I was remarking on his inconsistency: "and he started dating the other girl" but "I caught him staring at me for quite a while, he compliments me a lot and touches my shoulder and stuff"

      That consistency is good; the opposite of what he's doing now.

    • Hard to say, I'm new to this (asking questions online) when we hung out the last time which was a couple days ago he was hung over but once he started acting more himself he was touching me again and teasing me more and he hugged me, my biggest confusion is that he doesn't contact me as much as I do him? I'm not crazy, I don't call or text him all the time only when I legitimately have something to say in other words not because I'm bored or anything, thank you for your advice

  • He likes you, its that simple


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