How is it easy for girls to just Switch their emotions so quick?

Do been dating this girl for 2 months and things were great always laughing and havin a great time. Things eventually got more good and she would tell me how much ah like me and bring aroun me alway attached to me wherever we went whether holding hands always in touchin distance. So one night she invites me over and I make a nice dinner for her we chill an watch movies an fool around a little and the whole time I'm cooking she coming up from behind kissing me telling me how much of a keeper I am, how great we are and how she likes me a lot and I just drive her crazy cause she likes me so much. We talk about our status and what we are Nd we both agree we are not serious yet but we don't want to see other people and she told me she always try's to find away to push a guy away but she couldn't find anything on me that she didn't like to do that to me. So 5 days go by and I notice she actin just a little distant and then on the 5th day she tells me she just wants us to be friends for right now aNd that she doesn't know if were compatible. So it just has me a little confused because on day I'm all everthing an the keeper to what I am now. Any thoughts? It kinda sucks cause after that night i thought things were great and let my guard down fully

My bad I know I'm asking two questions


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  • People change their mind all the time. You can't expect her to be stable. It's... against her nature.
    Plus both of you agreed that you're not serious... so what were you expecting?

    • Well we both wanted something serious and she told she did but we were not going to just rush into anything to quick because she has a daughter. I was expecting us to continue seeing eachother until we felt both ready because things were going great and this caught me off guard

  • You're kind of asking two questions, but I'll answer the one I came to answer: girls change emotions the same way guys change emotions - according to the situation. It's just that to girls, guys are difficult to understand and vice versa which is probably why you asked.

    And hormones don't help.


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