I stopped wanting to give love and receive love. I have turned cold and I need help trying to understand it?

I only loved one guy my whole life & it was my ex boyfriend, we were complete opposites, everything about him was everything that I NEVER wanted but I didn't care, I was madly & insanely in love with him, to the point where it became an obsession. Well we didn't work out, we broke up in September 2013 & I haven't seen him since then.
Im not in love him anymore, I hate him anymore, I dont miss him anymore but from time to time I miss the feelings that I got when I was with him, the feeling of being able to so freely love someone. I haven't been able to feel that way with anybody since. Its been about a year & a half and since then I've changed a lot. I've become a much better person all around but there's one thing that I cannot change & its my perspective on love, relationships, romance and emotions. I have gotten a bit colder towards those types of things. I now believe that you only truly once and that's it or at least that's how I believe I am. I cannot even imagine being the way that I was with my ex with anybody else. Not because I want him but because I don't even think I'm that same girl. When I met him I was so innocent I was 20 years old, never been in love, I had dated guys in the past but nothing serious, but with him, everything was so intense, I knew I loved him the second time I hung out with him, and I loved him up until the day we broke up and maybe even several months after we had been broken up and maybe i still have love for him but I know that I can't be with him, I know that he is no good for me. He is not what I want in my future. Or at least my head is telling me that, my head is telling me the type of guy I need to be with in the future has to be smart, educated, ambitious, caring, loving and all of those good things, all the things my ex wasn't but i didn't care, I never saw him flaws cause I truly love him and I'm so afraid that I'll never love anyone like that again, I'll never love someone so much that I don't see any of their flaws.


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  • I'm going through the exact same thing and I believe it's just your minds way if preventing future pain. Be sure to accept peoples kindness


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